What is Microneedling? – A cosmetic treatment that uses tiny sterilized needles to puncture the skin, causing an increased production of collagen and elastin to help heal the skin. In essence, it kick starts your body’s natural healing response which creates collagen and elastin. This leaves you with a brighter, younger, smoother, and firmer appearance. Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy.

What does Microneedling treat? –  Microneedling can treat acne scars, surgical scars, burns, wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, dark spots, and large pores.

# of treatments? – Microneedling takes about 3 – 8 treatments. Your aesthetic technician will work with your needs and desires to come up with a customized plan for you.

What is the down time? – You may experience minor redness and irritation for a few days after the procedure.

When can I expect to see results – The best results will be seen about 3 weeks after your treatment

Our Equipment – Morpheous8 & Skin Pen

To discuss treatment options with our aesthetic technician, please call 250-650-4641.



Our skincare professionals are here to help you achieve healthy, radiant skin with the confidence to match. (Note: For medical dermatology procedures and consultation, you must be referred by your family physician.)


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